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The recent tax reforms has brought lot of changes in traditional accounting practices and even established businesses have been facing challenges kin coping with it. One major reform has been the introduction of GST in India and companies are still facing issues with it.

Our course will bring clarity on how GST can be implemented in an organisation. It also develops a descriptive insight into the topics like inventory master, ledger master, transaction and voucher, rate and discount master including GST.

  • This course helps students to learn about proper management of stock, how rate & discount master helps in adopting an easier way for pricing and discount related mechanisms.
  • A well-designed course on inventory management
  • With this 60-Hour Advance Module, student gets proper knowledge related to accounting and business aspects associated with the software.

Inventory Master

  • Item Master
  • Store Master
  • Company Master
  • Salt Master
  • HSN/SAC Master
  • Block Store Master

Rate & Discount Master

  • Price List
  • Focus Items
  • PUSE SALE Items
  • Stock Clearance Items
  • New Launch Item
  • Suggested Items
  • Credit Limit Management
  • Rate Wise Company Wise GST
  • Company General Discount
  • Party Categorization & Discount
  • All Party General Discount

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

  • GST Overview, GST Structure & Design
  • Registration Process & GST No., HSN/SAC, Rates of GST
  • Composition Scheme
  • Tax Liability Provisions, GST
  • Returns Process, GST Payment Process
  • GST Refund Process, Supply Process of ITC,
  • GST Compliances,
  • GST Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • TDS & TCS

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