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"The key focus market for MARG ERP 9+ has always been the most versatile segment of MSME, Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers who have immense business potential in India but are still under-served , MARG organisation is driven by the vision to make technology available and affordable to all"

"Marg", named as "Path" in Sanskrit & "Way" in English, is the Road to Success. Marg ERP Ltd. is one of the world’s leading providers of business software and services specialist in providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Customized Software Solutions & IT services. By employing a dedicated approach towards customers, technology and innovation, we are successfully capturing new opportunities for profitable business growth. Our passion of creating and driving technology resulted in the development of multiple popular software applications for:

  • Pharmaceutical Trade
  • Excise & Retail
  • Online Trading
  • Jewellery Stores
  • Mandi Shops

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MARG Academy

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"

MARG Education was founded with a vision to fulfill the huge gap in the demand & supply of MARG Trained Professionals by creating Global Employment Opportunities with Marg Associate Companies. By establishing Marg Academies, we aimed to develop a youngster into an Employment Ready Professional, thus bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia and supporting Government’s Mission to make India learn and earn.

Our mission is to remain above the Industry Standards in Quality Education Delivery in the Business Solution and Accounting Space, thereby becoming the most preferred Education and Certification Provider in the global arena. MARG Education has set up an Advisory Board, comprising of eminent Educators from the leading Universities, Business Schools, prominent Accounting Professionals, Industry Partners and HR Managers. This association has helped us to design an Industry-relevant Curriculum that is adopted from Transaction Based Learning Methodology. The curriculum is frequently updated and validated as per the market needs to ensure that students are ready to work, on completion of the course.

With the Dual Certification awarded to the successful students by MARG Academy and NIESBUD; student becomes a professional to start a bright Career by joining Industry as employee or become an Entrepreneur. This not only makes Marg Academy the most preferred institution for Vocational Education but also the most respected Brand providing Vendor Certification.

The journey does not ends here, we aimed to provide one month Industrial Training by providing On Job Training (OJT) with MARG Associates. Finally Employment and / or Entrepreneurship option is available to our successful students.

With 500+ Marg Academies and 10000+ students trained and placed every year MARG Education is expanding its arms to meet the ongoing demand of Marg Customer Companies across the Globe. We invite Professionals / Academies to become Partner with us & be a part of this success story.


Our Vision is to simply, be the leading seller of software for small to medium size business traders in India and thus, changing people’s perspective that IT can also be at an affordable price with complete reliability and develop software which could be operated even by someone with minimal computer knowledge.


We at MARG strive to be the best in our field when it comes to cost-efficient software solution and client satisfaction. Our Mission is to serve our clients with the highest quality services that enable them to thrive professionally and personally and to implement practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.


Over the years Marg has constantly been keen to give its customers the best solution accordingly to their respective trades. Understanding the growth in business years on year’s basis and after interacting with its customers on regular basis, we at Marg now think to provide better options to our customers by giving them certified Marg professional operators.

Recently it was observed and demanded by our customers and understanding the difficulties they are facing with the operators employment, Marg has come up with a solution of providing Marg certified professional operators through its in depth course on according and Marg software through its Marg Academy.

Professionals passed out through Marg Academy have been proven to be more successful compared to other operators. Employers also have shown preference to operators passed out of Marg Academy as they are fully trained and have full knowledge of Accounting and Marg software.

We sincerely hope our endeavors to provide full solution right from software to operator will be valued by our patrons and our esteem customers.


"Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try"

In Marg we are designed for accomplishments and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Best Pharma Software Award 2008-2009
Silicon India Award
ISO 9001:2008