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Job fair at DICT, Marg Academy, Mayur Vihar on 20th Feb'19. Out of 20 Interviewee, 04 were shortlisted.

Meeting with HOD of Pharma Deptt. MDU,Rohtak

Seminar cum students' enrolment at Alfala University by Rakhi Gupta, Haryana with Mohan Bhogle on 31st Jan'19

Job Drive at Tech explica, South Ex Academy

Seminar by Sunil at Geetadevi Khandelwal College of Pharmacy, Akola,Maharasthra

Seminar at INT,Marg Academy, Sonepat by Kiranpal Singh

Student Training of 92 students at Gateway College,Sonepat

First VC Session of Manish Mathur Sir with East Sales Team

Interactive Session of Manish Mathur Sir with South Sales Team

Interactive session of Manish Mathur Sir with West Sales Team

Amity Product(Online Marg Course) Demo to Management by Amity Personnel

Students Enrolment and Marg Training of BBA students@Gateway School of Business, Sonipat

Seminar at Govt.School on 18th Jan 19 by Nidhi Vashisht and Kiran Pal Singh

Marg Awareness Seminar at Oxford Institute, Delhi by Rakhi Gupta & Mohit Sehgal

Marg Education Partners visit to Head Office

Marg Team in University & Colleges

Nurture Meeting by Saksham Team @ Marg Academy, Delhi

Marg Academies Sign up and Training @ Gwalior, MP

Marg LMF and Academy SIgn up in Jaipur, Rajasthan

New Batch@Durga Computer Training Center, Guttigar(Karnataka) by LMF Prakash DG

Seminar by Mohan Bhogle at Modern Public School, Nangloi, Delhi

Sign up with Gateway Business School, Sonepat(Haryana)

Broadcast Classes directly from HO for students and TOT by Technical Team of Marg Academy

Marg Education alliance with first Government University, Gautam Budhha University, Noida(UP)

Seminar by Sunil Manikrao Arakhrao at Raje Lakshmasingh Bhosla College of Pharmacy, Akola, Maharashta

Sunil Manikrao Arakhrao done tie-up with Sri Ramraoji Gawande Institute of Pharmacy, Akola, Maharashta

Seminar by Sunil Manikrao Arakhrao at Sri Ramraoji Gawande Institute of Pharmacy,Akola,Maharashta