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Get complete 360-degree insight on GST and its impact on business by GST Experts and become a Certified Professional in GST on Marg Software. This course covers all the practical aspects of Good & Service Tax (GST) including registration, GST returns, GST E-filling, and in-depth accounting & recording of GST transactions.

Key Benefits of This Course :-

Become Job Ready

Advance in your Career

Face Interviews confidently

Better understanding of Taxation & Business Law

Better understanding of Finance

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This course includes

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You will get interactive live classes directly by Marg Experts.

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You will get intractive Video classes directly by Marg experts

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You will get access to Learning Management System (LMS).

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Weekly Master Classes on newest trends and topics.

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Periodical assignments that make you industry ready.

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Course Overview

If you want to learn marg Erp software, this course is for you. In this course you will learn, how to do computerised billing, Retail & Distribution accounting, best way to manage your stock & GST.

What you will learn

  • Professional GST Certification from Marg ERP
  • Professional behaviour and compliance with laws and regulations
  • Practical Industrial Training
  • GST Calculation in Marg Software
  • Complete hands-on experience on GST
  • Computerized Entry and Finalise Reports.
  • E – Filling of GST with Automations of Periodical Filling.
  • Get assistance in future when something new arrives in market
  • 100% Industry point of view practical training which will help you in a Corporate World.

Course content

  • 1. Overview of GST Law
  • 2. Constitutional Provisions, Pre-GST regime, GST Council, CBIC, GST Portal.
  • 3. Scope of Supply of Goods & Services
    • ✔ Intra-State and Inter-State Supply
    • ✔ Briefing on SGST, CGST, IGST, UTGST
    • ✔ Exempted and Zero-Rated Supply
    • ✔ Mixed and Composite Supply
  • 4. Composition Scheme
    • ✔ Composition Levy Scheme in GST – Features, Merits & Demerits
    • ✔ Persons eligible to register under Composition Levy Scheme
  • 1. GST Registration & Amendment Process
    • ✔ Legal provisions applicable for GST Registration
    • ✔ New Registration Process and Documentation Requirements
    • ✔ GST Identification Number (GSTIN), GST Registration Certificate
    • ✔ Process of Amendment of Core & Non-core fields for existing GST registration
    • ✔ Cancellation, Surrender and Revocation of the GST Registration
  • 2. Supply Concepts – an in-depth analysis
    • ✔ Place, Time & Value of Supply of Goods & Services
    • ✔ Tax Rates applicable & resources to find the tax rates applicable for the goods and services
  • 1. Input Tax Credit (ITC) & its Utilization
    • ✔ Input Tax Credit Mechanism in GST – explained with practical examples
    • ✔ GST Input on Capital Goods
    • ✔ Blocked Credit – Cases where ITC under GST cannot be availed
    • ✔ Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) under GST
    • ✔ GST Set off rules – ITC utilization with examples
  • 2. Tax Invoice/ Bill of Supply under GST
    • ✔ Guide on the rules, format & contents of Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, Credit Note, Debit Note
    • ✔ Learning on preparation of GST Invoice (for regular tax payers)
    • ✔ Preparation of Bill of Supply (for composition tax payers)
  • 1. Filing of GST Returns
    • ✔ Types of different GST returns and their formats
    • ✔ Process of filing of GST returns
    • ✔ Payment of GST (Modes of payment of Tax Liability through GST Challan)
  • 2. Discussion on different aspects of GST
    • ✔ E-Commerce Operator & Job Work
    • ✔ Input Service Distributor (ISD)
    • ✔ E-Way Bill and its process of generation
    • ✔ accounting of GST in the books of accounts
    • ✔ Assessment & Audit Refunds – an overview
  • 1. GST using Marg ERP Software

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