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Become a Certified Marg Pharmaceutical Software Specialist

Are you a user of Marg Software? Do you use it for Pharmaceutical Domain? Do you have expertise in using this software and is able to take most of the benefits of this software for your pharma business?

If the answer comes in as a “Yes”, We are grateful to you and are honoured to have user like you.

Being an expert is not enough! You need to have something to showcase the expertise that becomes useful for your career growth and validate your skills.

Establish yourself in a better way in the market.

Marg ERP has 10 Lakh+ users and there are ample job opportunities you can encash by presenting this certification to validate your excellence in using Marg ERP.

Recognition to your expertise

Gives a recognition to your expertise and knowledge of the software.

Key Differentiator in validating your experience

Differentiate yourself from the market, gives you an edge with competitors.

A Platform to Evaluate your Skills

Also becomes a platform to evaluate your skills and knowledge of the software.

Marg Certification for Pharmaceutical Software Specialist, is an excellent initiative to build up & validate the skills of Pharma professionals who have expertise in working with Marg. It would be a key differentiator in validating your excellence of proficiency of using Marg ERP in Pharma industry which will result in providing you with better opportunities and visibility among other professionals.

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Certification Fee @ Rs 200/- Only

Special Offer : Rs 1000 off on MRP of Marg ERP9+ Software

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