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The Inventory course is to equip students, employees, businessmen and professionals using Marg Software with an essential knowledge and practical skill to understand and utilize the Inventory system.

The objective of inventory program is to provide students with a complete knowledge of Inventory Management and Barcode implementation using Marg Software, SQL Report and Marg on Net is also part of this Module.

Course Modules:

Rate & Discount Master of Inventory

Rate & Discount Master refers to the Price list or Discounts which we can set according to the Customer/ Items/ Company.

Batch wise Stock

To understand Batch wise stock, first of all understand what is batch. In FMCG and Pharma products, batch number helps in product identification. Those products that have been manufactured with same raw material and process and manufactured on same day carry same batch number.

Stock Valuation

Stock Valuation is the process of assigning a financial value to on-hand Stock, based on Last Purchase and Average Rate method. The method used is determined by a requirement to meet legal or other standards specified by a third party, or by an operational measure found to be useful in analyzing Stock positions.

Minimum & Maximum Level of Stock

Minimum level of inventory or stock is that level which is needful for continuing of production without any disturbance. When the inventory will go to the minimum level, production or store department should send the notice of inventory requirement to purchase department.

Maximum level of inventory or stock is maximum quantity of material which has to keep in store. We should not keep the stock more than maximum level because if we keep more stock than maximum level it will increase the cost of capital because we do not need the stock more than maximum level.

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