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The banking course is aimed at providing practical knowledge and understanding of the Banking sector. The course comprehensively covers the evolution & development of banking sector, laws & regulation, retail & corporate banking, products & services, operations, documentation, payment systems, sales and customer service aspects, etc.

Some of the topics covered under Banking Course are mentioned below:

Cheque Printing

Cheque Printing is simple which helps you to print your checks easily as the user does not have to enter the data twice which allows the user to work faster without any efforts and stress resulting in more accuracy.
The Cheques can be printed at the time of making payments to vendors during Voucher Entry i.e., directly from the Payment Vouchers or from cheque printing reports.

Cheque Management

The cheque management is an easy and a powerful tool that maintains the complete life cycle of a cheque and also enables the user with full details of the cheque whenever required.

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Bank Reconciliation Statement is a statement prepared to reconcile and explain the causes of difference between the bank balance as per cash book and the same as per pass book, in accordance to a particular date. The main objective of preparation of bank reconciliation statement is to determine that all payments made by the bank are properly charged to the bank account.

PDC Cheque Management/Post Dated Cheque

A postdated cheque is a Cheque in which a future date is entered. This means that the Cheque cannot be cashed until that day. Till the date of cheque, it remains bill of exchange and it becomes cheque only on the date written on the cheque. PDC can be a cheque receipt from customer or a cheque payment to supplier.

Cheque dishonored

A dishonored cheque is defined as a cheque that has been presented to a banking institution for payment and has been returned to the depositor due to insufficient funds. Dishonored cheques are also referred to as bounced cheques or returned cheques.

Cheque Register

Cheque Register helps users to manage their cheque books for various banks, give information about Cheques which do not belong to any cheque range available and also the status of all the cheques. It provides instant information about the values of the total number of cheques for each bank (Cheque Book wise), that are Available, Unreconciled, Reconciled, Blank and Cancelled.

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